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reservation system
  1. Validity
    These General Terms and Conditions for Online Bookings lay base to rules that will be applicable to all relations between system operator and an accommodation seeker regarding bookings of accommodation made through the system.
  2. Contractual relationship mediates accommodation bookings in hotels as offered. This mediation of accommodation through system is according to Section 774 and the following of 40/1964 Act of Civic Law, in its valid wording, between an accommodation facility and a guest.
  3. Bookings
    The bookings online are executed in real time. Immediately after selecting of a hotel, the booking is transferred to the selected hotel and the customer receives a confirmation of the booking with its booking number. This confirmation is displayed on screen and it is printable, while sent to an e-mail address of your choice. The customer shall immediately check the information on the confirmation of the booking, and if she or he finds mistakes or incorrect data, shall contact This mediation of accommodation is free of charge. The guest is its final consumer. Further re-selling of these bookings for profit is impermissible.
  4. Prices and payments
    The system automatically selects the lowest, current price, which is available for the selected date in the offer of system, i.e. from Internet, last-minute, or seasonal prices. All prices are valid only for online bookings made through, and cannot be claimed at the hotel reception without them being made prior to that through the system. Prices include room per night with breakfast in the currency that the hotel keeps its accountancy. Any adjustment to other currencies has only information value and follows the exchange rate of the current date. The price also includes VAT and all other local taxes. The price displayed by system is the price the customer shall pay at the hotel. The contractual relationship according to Section 774 and the following of 40/1964 Act of Civic Law is based exclusively between the customer and the selected hotel.
  5. Credit cards and bookings
    1. Most hotels require a guarantee by a credit card. Rooms booked this way will be reserved for the arriving guest for the whole night. If the guest does not arrive, or cancels late, the hotel is entitled to charge the guest for one night costs. is entitled to cancel a booking should the information on credit card prove incorrect.
    2. Some hotels provide exceptional bookings without guarantee by a credit card. The booking is valid on the arrival date only till 6 p.m. local time. After 6 p.m., the booking is no longer valid free of charge, and no rights for accommodation can be claimed. If you arrive late, please inform the hotel reception directly about the approximate time of your arrival. is entitled to cancel a booking, if there is no possibility to confirm the booking with the customer on the phone number provided. The same applies if the customer has made more bookings and did not arrive.
  6. Changes and cancellations
    All changes and cancellations shall be made through electronic forms in the system. The date and time of receiving the customer's message on the system server is decisive
  7. Hotel description
    All information regarding a hotel is based on the information hotels provide and is not accountable for veracity or completeness of this information.
  8. Protection of personal data
    All personal data protection rules given by law apply. Information provided by the customer is used for bookings of accommodation only. There is no further processing of the data for any other purposes.
  9. Miscellaneous
    No liability can be taken for possible errors during the transfer and collection of personal data. All accountability is based on Czech Civic Law. Prague, Czech Republic, is the place of abode.
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